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Potty Break | $17

This 15 minute visit gives your dog a chance to get some fresh air, do some sniffing, or toss a ball around. Water will be refreshed, and food/meds will be given if requested. Ideal for puppies, seniors, and dogs needing more than one visit per day.


Walk | $23

Whether your pup likes to hit the streets at a brisk pace or take a slow stroll with lots of stops to sniff, this 30 minute visit will exercise both body and mind. Water will be refreshed, and food/meds can be given if requested.


Overnight Care | $65

It's time for a doggy slumber paw-ty! Your dog will stay overnight with me, where he/she will be treated like family. Overnight pups will get plenty of playtime, exercise, and attention in a fun and stress-free environment. I have a secure, 6 foot high fenced in doggy play area in my yard for dogs to romp around. I will provide transportation for overnight care. Each additional dog is $20 per night.

Cat Visit | $17

This 15 minute visit includes some scratches behind the ear and a bit of playtime (if your cat is up for it!). Feeding, refreshing of water, and litter cleaning can be done at every visit.

white dog in a suit sitting on a green l

Wedding Day Doggy Chaperone | $50 Per Hour

Want your pup to be a part of your big day? This service lets you include your best friend while I handle the doggy logistics. Service includes transportation for your dog to/from the venue, a walk to burn off extra energy, and handling your pooch during his/her big entrance at the ceremony and while posing for photos.

  • Services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your pet

  • Services available 7 days a week, including holidays *$10 additional charge for services on 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas

  • Never an extra charge for weekend services

  • No extra charge for additional pets in the same household for MOST services

  • Meet and Greets are complimentary

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